【Cambridge版 言語哲学ハンドブック】

The Cambridge Handbook of the Philosophy of Language(Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics) hardcover 800 p. 21

Stalmaszczyk, Piotr  編
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発行年月 2021年12月
Cambridge University Press
出版国 イギリス
言語 英語
媒体 冊子
装丁 hardcover
ページ数/巻数 800 p., 1 illus.
ジャンル 洋書/人文科学/哲学・思想/言語哲学
ISBN 9781108492386
商品コード 1032691895
本の性格 学術書
新刊案内掲載月 2021年04月


The philosophy of language is central to the concerns of those working across semantics, pragmatics and cognition, as well as the philosophy of mind and ideas. Bringing together an international team of leading scholars, this handbook provides a comprehensive guide to contemporary investigations into the relationship between language, philosophy, and linguistics. Chapters are grouped into thematic areas and cover a wide range of topics, from key philosophical notions, such as meaning, truth, reference, names and propositions, to characteristics of the most recent research in the field, including logicality of language, vagueness in natural language, value judgments, slurs, deception, proximization in discourse, argumentation theory and linguistic relativity. It also includes chapters that explore selected linguistic theories and their philosophical implications, providing a much-needed interdisciplinary perspective. Showcasing the cutting-edge in research in the field, this book is essential reading for philosophers interested in language and linguistics, and linguists interested in philosophical analyses.