【ミケーネ・ギリシャ語の新史料 全2巻】

The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek 2 Volume Hardback Set '23

Killen, John  編
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発行年月 2024年02月
Cambridge University Press
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言語 英語
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装丁 hardcover
ページ数/巻数 1199 p., 1 illus.
ジャンル 洋書/人文科学/言語学 /歴史言語学・比較言語学
ISBN 9781009286091
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本の性格 学術書
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In 1952 Michael Ventris deciphered the script found on the Linear B tablets from Crete and the Greek mainland, therefore revealing the earliest known form of Greek. In 1956 he and John Chadwick published Documents in Mycenaean Greek, which gave an account of the decipherment, of the language of the tablets, of the society and economy revealed by the documents and a series of chapters giving texts, translations and commentary of the most important tablets. Though partially updated in 1973, Documents is now very much outdated: there has been a vast accrual of bibliography on the subject since 1973, and discoveries of tablets at new sites. This new survey, written by fourteen of the world's leading experts, will bring the reader fully up-to-date with developments in all aspects of Mycenaean studies, concluding with a new, full glossary of all the most recently discovered words.

・Covers all recent significant developments in Mycenaean studies, accompanied by a full glossary of newly-discovered Linear B words
・Authoritative contributions are provided by fourteen international leading scholars in the field
・Ancient texts are presented in translation