TRP Channels as Therapeutic Targets hardcover 536 p. 15

Szallasi, Arpad  編
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発行年月 2015年04月
Academic Press, Inc.
出版国 アメリカ合衆国
言語 英語
媒体 冊子
装丁 hardcover
ページ数/巻数 536 p.
ジャンル 洋書/生命科学・医学/薬学/薬科学
ISBN 9780124200241
商品コード 1016911989
本の性格 学術書
新刊案内掲載月 2015年05月


TRP Channels as Therapeutic Targets: From Basic Science to Clinical Use is authored by experts across academia and industry, providing readers with a complete picture of the therapeutic potential and challenges associated with using TRP channels as drug targets. This book offers a unique clinical approach by covering compounds that target TRP channels in pre-clinical and clinical phases, also offering a discussion of TRP channels as biomarkers. An entire section is devoted to the novel and innovative uses of these channels across a variety of diseases, offering strategies that can be used to overcome the adverse effects of first generation TRPV1 antagonists.
Intended for all researchers and clinicians working toward the development of successful drugs targeting TRP channels, this book is an essential resource chocked full of the latest clinical data and findings.