Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Security:An International Perspective (Maritime and Transport Law Library) '16

Kashubsky, Mikhail  著

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発行年月 2016年04月
出版国 イギリス
言語 英語
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ページ数/巻数 520 p., 16 illus., 6 tbls.
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ISBN 9780415707305
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Oil and natural gas, which today account for over 60% of the world’s energy supply, are often produced by offshore platforms. One third of all oil and gas comes from the offshore sector. However, offshore oil and gas installations are generally considered intrinsically vulnerable to deliberate attacks. The changing security landscape and concerns about the threats of terrorism and piracy to offshore oil and gas installations are major issues for energy companies and governments worldwide.
But, how common are attacks on offshore oil and gas installations? Who attacks offshore installations? Why are they attacked? How are they attacked? How is their security regulated at the international level? How has the oil industry responded? This timely and first of its kind publication answers these questions and examines the protection and security of offshore oil and gas installations from a global, industry-wide and company-level perspective.
Looking at attacks on offshore installations that occurred throughout history of the offshore petroleum industry, it examines the different types of security threats facing offshore installations, the factors that make offshore installations attractive targets, the nature of attacks and the potentially devastating impacts that can result from attacks on these important facilities. It then examines the international legal framework, state practice and international oil and gas industry responses that aim to address this vital problem. Crucially, the book includes a comprehensive dataSet of attacks and security incidents involving offshore oil and gas installations enTitled the Offshore Installations Attack DataSet (OIAD).
This is an indispensable reference work for oil and gas industry professionals, company security officers, policy makers, maritime lawyers and academics worldwide.