How to Kill a Unicorn P 304 p. 14

Payne, Mark  著

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発行年月 2014年10月
Nicholas Brealey Publishing
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ページ数/巻数 304 p.
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'It's cool. But so what?' This is the billion-dollar question that leading companies such as Samsung, Starbucks and American Express ask Fahrenheit 212 to answer for them whenever they develop new technologies. Many companies are good at acquiring new product prototypes but bad at working out what they would do when they arrived at the front door. Many just give up, lacking the 'How' to go with the 'Wow' Using a unique two-sided approach to innovation involving both the Money and the Magic - and in the process turning traditional orthodoxies about brainstorming on their head, Mark Payne reveals how to explore every potential idea with the end goal in mind--bringing an innovative product to market in a way that will transform a company's business and growth. Teaching how to focus only on those BIG ideas that are also FAST & DOABLE, How to Kill a Unicorn shows you and your company how to hunt for gaps in the market that your idea could fill by asking: Where should we point the technology? What new revenue streams would this ignite? What would it replace? How will we beat the competition working in the same field? What will each product do and how will it work? In How to Kill a Unicorn, Mark Payne pulls back the curtain on how the company is able to bring more innovative products and ideas successfully to market than any other firm and offers blow by blow inside accounts of how they grapple with and solved their biggest challenges.