Understanding the Company: Corporate Governance and Theory hardcover 350 p. 17

Choudhury, Barnali, Petrin, Martin  編
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発行年月 2017年07月
Cambridge University Press
出版国 イギリス
言語 英語
媒体 冊子
装丁 hardcover
ページ数/巻数 350 p., 8 b/w illus. 1 table
ジャンル 洋書/社会科学/法学/商法
ISBN 9781107146075
商品コード 1023745305
本の性格 学術書/実務向け
新刊案内掲載月 2017年05月


What is the purpose of the company and its role in society? From their origin in medieval times to their modern incarnation as powerful transnational bodies, companies remain an important part of business and society at large. Drawing from a variety of perspectives, this book adopts a normative approach to understanding the modern company and provides insights into how companies should be conceptualized. It considers key topics such as the development of corporate theory, the rights and obligations of the company, and the means and ends of corporate governance. Written by leading experts of different jurisdictions, this book provides important international viewpoints on some of the most pressing corporate governance questions.