p-adic Numbers:An Introduction, 3rd ed. (Universitext) '20

Gouvêa, Fernando Q.  著

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発行年月 2020年06月
Springer International Publishing
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ページ数/巻数 XIII, 366 p. 19 illus.
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ISBN 9783030472948
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In the course of their undergraduate careers, most mathematics majors see little beyond "standard mathematics:" basic real and complex analysis, ab­ stract algebra, some differential geometry, etc. There are few adventures in other territories, and few opportunities to visit some of the more exotic cor­ ners of mathematics. The goal of this book is to offer such an opportunity, by way of a visit to the p-adic universe. Such a visit offers a glimpse of a part of mathematics which is both important and fun, and which also is something of a meeting point between algebra and analysis. Over the last century, p-adic numbers and p-adic analysis have come to playa central role in modern number theory. This importance comes from the fact that they afford a natural and powerful language for talking about congruences between integers, and allow the use of methods borrowed from calculus and analysis for studying such problems. More recently, p-adic num­ bers have shown up in other areas of mathematics, and even in physics.